Group: Warmblood

The American Warmblood, like many of the European Warmbloods, is any horse that fits into the Warmblood type used today primarily for competition. The American Warmblood must have been born in the United States, Canada, or Mexico for registration.

Physical Description:
The American Warmblood has the quality characteristics found in many competition found in many competition Warmblood breeds. Its head borrows much from the Thoroughbred. It has good sloping shoulders with powerful, well-muscled hindquarters. A short back makes it an excellent horse for all riding events..

The American Warmblood Registry was opened in 1981. Breeders in America have contended that all European Warmbloods are highly intermingled and therefore do not necessarily represent distinct breeds, but rather various types. Instead of splintering types in America, Warmbloods have been grouped into a single registry.

Interesting Facts:
Similar to the Warmbloods found throughout Europe, the American Warmblood is an athletic horse which excels at various events. because of its good conformation and sensible temperament, these horses are particularly suitable for dressage, jumping, eventing, and driving.

American Saddlebred Influences:
1. Thoroughbred
2. Arabian
3. European Warmbloods

Breed Organization
For more information, contact:

American Warmblood Registry
P O Box 211735
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33421-1735