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Specialist equestrian safety wear such as body protectors, hats and high visibility wear.

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Airowear are the manufacturers of specialist equestrian safety wear and have a selection of Body Protectors, Riding Helmets, Hi Visibility wear and the unique body protector colour swap.

Body Protectors
Airowear offer a range of body protectors to suit everyone no matter what your chosen sport, each body protector as a BETA safety label so that you know what level of protection you are being offered.

High Visibility Wear
Airowear offer a selection of reflective safety clothing for both you and your horse. Products such as the Hi-Viz Exercise sheet, Hi-Viz necklace, Hi-Viz horse Spats and Hi-Viz multi purpose bands are a great way to help make your horse stand out when visibility is reduced and the Hi-Viz waistcoats, Hi-Viz leisure tabard and the Hi-Viz hat band will help to keep you safe as well.

Colour Swap
Airowear have designed a removable silk so that riders can change the colour of their body protector, this can be particularly useful for competitions as matching silks can also be worn.

Riding Hats
Airowear produce a variety of riding helmets from performance riding helmets to lightweight endurance and western helmets. Each helmet has its own safety standard that complies with BSEN and ASTM.

The Orion is a lightweight, ventilated performance helmet.
Legacy Gold – This is a lightweight helmet for training and endurance riding.
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Alvahorse are the makers of natural health care, grooming and showing products that will help to clean, condition, protect, moisturise and generally pamper your horses skin helping to leave your horse with a real show shine.

More About Alvahorse

Alvahorse are the makers of natural health care, grooming and showing products.

Show And Grooming Products
The show and grooming products range has a range of products to show your horses coat condition off to the full with products that will help your horses coat to shine, gleam and dazzle.

Alvashampoo – This is a cleansing horse shampoo that is gentle on the horses skin.
Alvasparkle – This is a coat enhancer and coat gloss that will help to hive your horse a real shine.
Alvadazzle – This contains lavender oil and will help to condition your horses tail and leave it silky soft and tangle free.
Alvagleam – This is a coat enhancer that will give your horses coat a long lasting gleam.
Alvashadow – This is a eye and muzzle highlighter that will show off your horses face safely.

Natural Health Care Products
The natural health care product range includes medicated horse insect repellent shampoo, insect repellents, creams and lotions.

Alvateatree – This is a medicated horse insect repellent shampoo that contains Tea Tree oil which helps to soothe the horses skin and will help to not only thoroughly clean and condition your horses coat but will also provide protection against some insects.
Alvasweet – Itch controller uses a blend of natural ingredients to help to soothe and moisturise your horses skin and offers relief from the frustrations of itchy skin.
Alvafly – This is an insect repellent which will also moisturise as well, helping to keep your horses coat in excellent condition.
Alvabarrier – This will help to give your horse a protective layer from the mud and rain and help protect against ailments such as mud fever.
Alvamiracle Horse Lotion – An easy to apply lotion that can be used on a variety of minor skin conditions such as sores, cuts, sunburn and grazes.
Alvamiricle Horse Cream – A soothing moisturising cream to help in the treatment of minor cuts, grazes and sores.
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Ariat are one of the leading suppliers of riding boots which due to their excellent technologies are both a comfy and smart to wear and come in a wide range of designs for both the Western and English rider. Ariat also now have a range of hand bags, belts, jodhpurs, coats, sweat and polo shirts.

More About Ariat
Ariat is an American company that manufacturers riding boots, country footwear and other equestrian products.

Ariat was founded by Pam Parker and Beth Cross on the principles of using the latest technologies to produce technologically superior equestrian footwear which they began selling in the early nineties.

They make both English and Western style horse riding boots, plus work footwear and fashion casual wear which include clothing such as shirts, coats, breeches and other products such as belts and handbags.

The high tech footwear ranges include proprietary technologies such as Cobalt and Cobalt XR, ATS, 4LR, V3 and insect shield demonstrating their attention to modern manufacturing excellence.

In 2009 they are the official Apparel Supplier of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and Ariat also support many events such as the Winter Equestrian Festival which runs over seven weeks and which Ariat are the Official Boot of the WEF

Ariat also work with many of the top riders such as Show Jumper Jos Lansink, Dressage rider Maria Eilberg, Endurance rider Rachael Claridge and event rider Mary King as well as also being associated with Horsemanship 2003 NCHA World Champion Robert Rust and Mckenzie Mullens NCHA World Champion.

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Aussie Soles

Aussie Soles are a footwear manufacturer who have a colourful and trendy selection of footwear for both children and adults.

More About Aussie Soles

Aussie Soles
Aussie Soles are a footwear manufacturer. Their boots, sandals and flip flops offer versatility, support and comfort not to mention giving the wearer a trendy look as well.

Founded in 2003 by Craig Taplin, Aussie Soles have become a very popular choice for children and adults alike due to a range of bright colours and an their extremely comfortable fit.

The Aussie Soles have AusLite (TM) closed cell polymer foam which helps to maintain the overall shape of the footwear as well as supporting the foot as well and because they are also machine washable they are very user friendly.

Aussie Soles products at the moment include:

Snugg Boots – This is a welly and ugg boot combined together, the inside will keep you warm and cozy and the outside will keep you dry.
Marine Sandals – These are similar to a deck shoe, clog or sandal.
The Starfish Flip Flop – These are a modern looking flip flop that is more comfortable and secure.
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Bates Austalia

Bates Australia are one of the leading manufacturers of saddles, producing top quality performance saddles for a number of equestrian disciplines.

More About Bates Australia
Bates Australia< Bates Australia are one of the leading makers of performance saddles, who use innovations such as the Easy-Change Gullet System and the CAIR Panel System to ensure ultimate comfort for horse and rider. Bates Saddles was originally established in 1934 when Mr. George Bates borrowed $100 from his sister in order to buy a sewing machine so that he could start making saddles. The company is still a family run business now renamed Bates Australia and is run by George Bates's grandsons Ken and Ron Bates, who continue to research and develop their saddles to provide the ultimate in excellence and performance. Bates saddles are used by many of the top International riders such as British eventer Daisy Dick, Olympic dressage rider Isabell Werth and top Australian show jumper Greg Smith. The Bates Range has performance saddles for a number of equestrian disciplines each one specifically designed to help enhance the performance of horse and rider. Dressage saddles Jumping saddles Eventing saddles All purpose saddles Stock saddles Polo saddles More About Bates Australia

Big Horn Saddles

Big Horn Saddles are a Western saddle manufacturer who offer good quality leather and synthetic Western saddles to suit a variety of disciplines and breed of horse.

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Breyer are the manufacturers of beautiful hand painted horse models who also supply horse model accessories, play-sets and activity kits.

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Cabotswood are the manufacturers of top quality country footwear.

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Caldene are one of the leading clothing manufacturers who specialise in equestrian clothing and leisure wear as well as top quality horse wear products.

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Carr & Day & Martin

Carr and Day and Martin are the manufacturers of top quality horse health care and grooming products.

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Champion are the manufacturers of top quality riding hats and helmets to suit both the amateur and professional rider in any equestrian sport.

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Charles and Owen

Are one of the leading manufacturers in adult and child riding hats and body protectors.

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Cottage Craft

Cottage Craft are the manufacturers of horse wear, grooming and tack products and have a range of colourful equipment for horse and rider.

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Crosby Saddle

Crosby saddles are one of the leading manufacturers in top quality English saddles and have a wide range of hand finished saddles to suit a number of equestrian disciplines.

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Driza-Bone are a clothing manufacturer who specialise in particular with wax and oiled leather hats and jackets.

More About Driza-Bone


Dublin are the manufacturers of equestrian clothing and footwear.

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Eezhay are the manufacturer of a unique hay manger for your stable or barn.

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Equerry are one of the top grooming brush manufacturers who have a wide selection of top quality brushes to pamper your horse with.

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Equetech are one of the leading clothing manufacturers of equestrian riding wear.

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Equilibrium are the manufacturers of equine health care products such as protective field boots, magnetic therapy and products that protect against the flies and sun.

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Equisafety make a wide selection of reflective safety wear that can be used by equestrians and other road users as well and will help you and your horse to be seen when you are out and about.

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Equetector are the manufacturers of equestrian footwear that offer protection, comfort and durability.

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Fyna-Lite are the manufacturers of quality stable and yard forks and equipment.

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Gersemi are a clothing manufacturer who have a stylish range of both riding and casual wear.

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GFS are a saddlery, tack and horse clothing manufacturer who have their own brand of saddle and bridle designs as well as speciality saddles such as the Anky Dressage Saddle and the Blyth Tait cross country saddle.

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GPA are a riding hat and helmet manufacturer. All GPA hats comply with safety standards and are modern and stylish in their design.

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Harry Hall

Harry Hall are the manufacturers of equestrian clothing, footwear, riding helmets, body protectors and accessories.

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Heiniger are the manufacturers of horse clippers, blades and animal shearing equipment

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Horselyx are the manufacturers of nutritious horse feed lick blocks, that not only provide many essential nutrients but can also help in reducing boredom of stable horses.

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Hunter are a footwear manufacturer who are most well known for their wellies, which now come in a wide range of styles and colours.

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Horseware are one of the leading manufacturers of equine and equestrian horse clothing. They are most well known for their Rambo rug products

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Jefferies are a equestrian clothing, horse tack, equipment and clothing manufacturer. Jefferies also produce top quality leather work and are well known for their saddles.

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John Whitaker International Limited

The JW range includes a selection of top quality products for both horse and rider, including their range of jumping saddles which as you can imagine are very well designed.

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Joules are a country clothing manufacturer whose unique range of colours and styles make them a popular choice for all the family.

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Just Toggs

Comfortable, practical and affordable equestrian clothing for adults and children as well as riding helmets, body protectors and footwear.

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Le Chameau

Le Chameau manufacture quality clothing and footwear with classic designs and modern materials that give the wearer a very stylish look.

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Leovet are the manufacturers of natural horse health and care products.

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MacWet produce performance gloves that offer excellent grip even when wet.

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Masta are the manufacturers of equine and canine rugs and accessories. Their range includes stable and turnout rugs that can help to keep your horse warm, dry and looking good.

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Mountain Horse

Mountain Horse are a family run business who manufacturer equestrian clothing and footwear that is well designed, stylish and comfortable.

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Musto produce top quality outdoor wear that includes footwear, jackets and casual clothing that will help to keep you warm, dry and looking stylish.

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NAF – Natural Animal Feeds

Natural Animal Feeds are the manufacturers of top quality feed supplements that are tailored towards specific areas of horse health as well as producing horse health and care products.

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Neue Schule

Neue Schule produce bits for a number of equestrian disciplines. The bits are tailored towards the overall comfort and action of the bit within the horses mouth using modern materials and design.

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Oster Professional Products

Oster Professional Products are the manufacturers of clipping machines, trimmers and grooming care products.

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Pessoa saddles are designed by top show jumper Nelson Pessoa and use modern technologies and design specifications to produce a top quality finished product.

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Pikeur manufacture equestrian clothing such as riding, casual and competition clothing.

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Professional’s Choice

Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products are one of the leading manufacturers of equine sports boots and tack.

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Prolite produce a range of products that can help both the horse and rider with comfort, the dispersal of pressure points and impact protection.

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Rag-Fork are the manufacturers of a fork that has been designed specifically for the easy removal of the poisonous plant Ragwort.

More About Rag-Fork

Sergio Grasso

Sergio Grasso are an Italian Boot maker who have a large selection of top quality boots for the competitive rider.

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Shires produce a wide range of equestrian clothing and accessories as well as tack, clothing and equipment for your horse.

More About Shires


SSG are an equestrian glove manufacturer who have a wide range of gloves that can be used for a number of equestrian disciplines.

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Thorowgood are the manufacturers of synthetic saddles, which are available in a wide range of sizes to suit a variety of horse and pony shapes and can ne used in disciplines such as Dressage, Show Jumping and Dressage.

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Toggi are one of the leading manufacturers of equestrian and country clothing for adults and children.

More About Toggi


TopSpec produce a wide range of supplements, additives, chops, blends and balancers to help support your horses coat, condition and general health.

More About TopSpec


Weatherbeeta manufacture a huge variety of top quality horse rugs and accessories many of which use modern features and designs.

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Wintec are the manufacturers of top quality synthetic saddles that have been designed for a number of equestrian disciplines such as western riding, dressage, show jumping, cross country and general hacking.

More About Wintec