Before Getting Your First Thoroughbred

Before Getting Your First Thoroughbred: Points to Consider

There are hundreds of breeds of horses, and although all of them have four hooves and one tail, yet they have unique and special needs and features that deserve to be taken note of. One very famous breed, the Thoroughbred, has qualities that you need to consider before you even wish to hear their first neigh in your stables. Thoroughbreds are very expensive compared with the others, and those desiring to own one should be prepared to pay the price for the horse itself and for the maintenance.

Speed and Power

The modern thoroughbred is arguably the fastest horse there is. The reason for that is found in the horse’s anatomy: there’s a very long distance between the hind hip and the hock compared with the other breeds, which contributes mainly to the thrust when the horse gallops, as well as the depth of the girth, which helps them to breathe way better, ensuring staggering endurance and better cellular respiration. Of course, we shouldn’t fail to mention that they have slender and long bodies, paired with long legs, which aid them to cover more distance. For these reasons, they are popularly entered in horse racing competitions. Indeed, thoroughbreds are the best horses for all racing and other sport events out there.

Food Consumption

Thoroughbreds have very fast metabolism compared with the other breeds, thus they require that you feed them more so they can maintain their weight. Aside from that, you will also need to supplement them with very important electrolytes and other trace minerals so they can maintain healthy bodily processes.

In relation to this, let us also inform you that these mighty beasts belong to what we call the
“warm blooded” horse. This means that they have excitable and energetic temperament. In many aspects, this is good. Your horse will appear more amiable and warm, thus will get your heart reined in faster than you expect.

On the bad side, we can safely assume that this breed cannot be recommended for the newbies, not just because of their price, but because of the tendency for both the rider and the horse to have accidents.

Health Risks

Since thoroughbreds are mainly trained for racing and other sporting events, it should not be surprised if they obtain injuries along the way. Other than that, it is observed that they have a tendency to form small hearts and hooves, which are not in proportion to their long bodies. Also, they are very prone to have bleeding lungs and constipation – somehow a possible complication after undergoing rigorous training sessions. That is why it is very important that you let a veterinarian who specialises in horses check up on your equine companion to make sure these health risks can be avoided.

Thoroughbreds might be the most powerful and fastest horses there are, but it would serve you and the horse well to remind yourself that after all, your equine friend is still a living animal. And like any other living thing out there, it would be best that you also give it enough rest and proper treatment for it to perform to expectations.

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