The History of Saddles

Saddles are perhaps the most widely recognised of all the horse riding equipment. Anybody, even those without knowledge on horse riding, knows what a saddle is. This equestrian equipment is placed on the back of the horse and is where the rider sits. But did you know that saddles also have a very interesting history? If you are a horse lover, you should be thrilled to know a little bit of history regarding this piece of horse riding equipment.

The first “seats,” which seemed more than 4,000 years prior, were minimal more than a patch of creature cover up or a bit of fabric. We’ve made a ton of progress from that point forward, as this short history shows. Riding horses before the creation of this horse riding equipment was known to be very uncomfortable and painful. So it is no puzzle why horsemen through time concocted delicate cushions and strong seats to make riding to a greater degree a delight and to a lesser extent a torment for man and monster. The main “seats” which came from more than 4,000 years prior and were nothing more than a patch of creature stow away or a bit of fabric. These early models offered small in the method for backing or security, yet they served as a support between stallion and rider throughout bareback relocations and fights.  As this novel thought got on, the equestrian equipments came to be more expanded. At around 700 before Common Era in the Middle East, Assyrian warriors went on fights situated on brightening seat fabrics. Some had straps that looked like circumferences.

Moving north around the zone that is presently Siberia, the roaming Scythians made saddles that was practical and much more comfortable. A solidified Scythian tomb from the fifth Century before Common Era uncovered a seat blanket unpredictably brightened with creature themes a product of cowhide, felt, hair and gold. As master horsemen, the Scythians utilized padded seats and circumferences and might have had cowhide stirrups. Concerned with their mounts’ comfort level, Asian horsemen made a felt saddle with a wooden outline right around 200 years before Common Era. This primitive seat tree kept a rider’s weight off the steed’s delicate, touchy vertebrae, saving the creature’s well-being and dragging out his advantage. This is the precursor to the horse riding equipment now more commonly known as the saddle.

Saddles are perhaps the most important horse riding equipment as the rider will not be able to ride properly without it. Likewise, when choosing a saddle to buy for your horse, it is important that the saddle fits just right for your horse. You cannot settle for anything less. The saddle should feel comfortable for both the rider and the horse; as otherwise, this will affect the performance of your horse. When going to equestrian equipment shops, make sure that you already have the size of the back of your horse measured. If the saddle is too tight, this will affect the mood of the horse negatively. If the saddle is too lose, the rider risks falling off with the saddle sliding off the back of the horse.

Other horse riding equipment such as breast collars, ropes, spurs, and the like are all available online. A simple search from your search engine should give you a wide variety to choose from.

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