Equestrian Boots

Types of Equestrian Boots

Horse riding is a sport and leisure that gives a unique feeling of bond between the equestrian and the equine. No other sport gives that feeling of mutual trust, respect, companionship and love between the human and his horse. But that could be ruined by a painful kick or an uncomfortable riding experience.

Equestrian boots are usually categorized into three different types: the tall English boots, the short English boots, and the Western riding boots.

Tall English Boots

These are probably the oldest style that is available in the market today. But do not make the mistake of undermining it; these ones never go out of style. One reason for that is that horse riding is a very old way of living – it is not just a sport or a hobby. There are many people out there who would like to uphold the tradition, and to pass on its legacy to their kids. Another reason is that they provide a sense of elegance. They usually reach up to the knees, thus including “tall” in its name. These boots also have a very smooth and glossy finish that adds beauty and elegance to its overall appearance. These are still being widely used today.

Those that performed field guard duties or were officers back in the day used the one with laces on it, which gave it the name “field boots.” Those tall English boots that don’t have laces were used for horse shows and other similar events, and thus were called “common dress boots.” But generally, they don’t have much difference, and these do not define your position in the society. You can just pick one according to your gut without having any guilt or fear in doing so. After all, labels are just labels.

Short English Boots

These sturdy short boots are usually purposed for everyday riding activities. They aren’t generally for show – the Tall English Boots are usually meant for that. But due to the ease in wearing them, these are usually worn by many for their daily duties. These boots usually have two types: the ones with laces are called the Paddock Boots, while the ones that do not have laces, but have elastic pads at the sides are called Johdpur Riding Boots. However, harsh cold conditions have prompted people to add other extra protection features from extreme cold, which are included in the short winter boots.

Western Riding Boots

This is the most modern boots available in circulation today. Many have taken the initiative and the liberty to design these boots to adjust to their style preference and their needs. For those that ride their horse to help them in tending cattle and other livestock, these ones are a must, for there are certain designs that come with spurs. They are also loosely fitted compared with their contemporaries for maximum flexibility, and for instances when the equestrian will have to take his boots on and off.

For those who are buying equestrian boots online, you won’t have to worry about the categories that your boots will fall into; if they seem to not fit into the first two orthodox types, then the boots you’re eyeing probably is a Western riding boots.

There are such a myriad of designs out there, and if you’re confused about which one to buy, then bear in mind that in most instances, it is better to choose comfort over style. We hope that every day you will have the ride of your life.

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