Taking Care of Your Horse: The Basics

Horses, like humans and any other living things, have needs. Not only that, but they also have special needs which deserve special attention, lest their regular bodily functions and overall daily performance would be disrupted.

For any of us who enjoys the companionship of our equine friends, here is a basic list of things we have to take note and apply.

Horse House

It can vary, from a regular stable, horse stall, even under the shade of a large tree, as long as it provides the basic habitat needs of your horse – shade from the scorching heat of the sun in summer, and insulation from the chills of the winds and snow in winter. The important thing is that it is not too small so your horse can still have enough space to move about, especially when you are going to ride it out for the day’s errands.

Also, do not install barbed wires, as your horse might get caught in it and sustain wounds that can fester.

Horse Food

Your horse should be able to enjoy a consistent    supply of fresh water that is free from contaminants and microbes which might cause diseases and become an avenue for parasites to enter into your horse’s digestive system.

When it comes to food, you have to take note that horses are used to eating almost all day – they also go to sleep. They are grazing animals, and they tend to eat slowly and continuously. But generally, you would just have to bring in fresh food at morning and at evening.

The horse’s diet is usually composed of hay or roughage. If your land is blessed with fresh green grass, then you can feed it to your horse indefinitely. As for the amount to be fed to your horse, that would depend on its size and the amount of physical labour it exerts every day. To be sure, you can consult a local veterinarian.

One thing you should never forget: never feed your horse immediately before and/or after a strenuous physical labour such as an hour or two of horse riding or it will experience indigestion and other discomfort.

Horse Grooming

Horse grooming is tantamount in importance as having good hygiene for us humans. That simply means we have to take special notice to our equine companion’s coat and general cleanliness. No one wants to ride a horse with dirty skin and not-so-shiny coat, is there?

A lot of pests and parasites can reside on your horse’s skin and coat, and they can even be licked by your horse that those parasites can enter the internal system of your equine friend. And let me tell you that if those are not addressed as soon as possible, those parasites can bring danger to your horse, and can even become the cause of its untimely demise.

Aside from its health benefits, horse grooming is also relaxing for your equine friend. It’s like you’re massaging your horse – the act itself can aid in improving your horse’s blood circulation to its skin. Not only that, but by regularly bathing and brushing your horse do you get the time to notice of possible cuts and bruises.


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