The Importance of Proper Saddle Fitting For You and Your Horse

We have all had the experience of sore and painful feet due to shoes that do not fit. Have you ever tried hiking while wearing very uncomfortable shoes? How about mountain climbing carrying a heavy gear full of stuffs? Have you tried playing sports wearing uncomfortable or tightly fitting clothes? If you do then you would know the result if you do so. You may not feel the discomfort immediately, but you will the following day. And it is very painful. Sore back from carrying heavy gears, sore feet from uncomfortable shoes, these are really unpleasant experiences. Did you know that the same thing will happen with your horse as well if the saddle does not fit right? This horse riding equipment is very important for both the rider and the horse so it is a must that you get the right fitting saddle.

The saddle is the largest and most important equestrian equipment. This is what the rider sits on. Horse experts have said that saddles that do not fit right make the horse very uncomfortable. Horses may be tough and really strong but they also need to feel comfortable in order for them to be able to perform well. Experts say that if this particular horse riding equipment does not seem right, the attitude of the horse will be affected. And the last thing that a rider wants is a horse in a foul mood. There have been cases of horses running wild and causing very serious accident if they are forced to run when they are in an uncomfortable or bad mood. So is very crucial that the saddle fits perfectly for the horse.

When looking for a saddle to buy, it is important that you have measured your horse’s back, particularly the part where the saddle is placed. You have to ensure that the saddle is just right. If it is too fitting, it will make your horse feel very uncomfortable. You also have to make sure that this horse riding equipment fits you just right. The rider should also be very comfortable with the seat.

Aside from the saddle, the breast collar is equestrian equipment that must fit well with the horse. It has been said that if the breast collar fits very poorly, this will also make the horse uncomfortable. If the horse is used for racing, a poor fitting breast collar affects the way the horse strides. The horse will not be able to run as fast as it could if the breast collar is not perfect. The centre part of the breast collar should not be too close to the horse’s throat. This is to allow the horse to be able to breathe properly. Just like we do not want our collar to be too tight or we feel suffocated, the centre of the breast collar should be comfortable enough not to choke the horse.

Of course there are many other equestrian equipments that you need to carefully select when buying. But the saddles and the breast collars are the two most important horse equipments because the comfort of the horse is crucial in order for it to be able to stride properly. Horses will not be able to speak to us but they can communicate through their actions if their comfort level is not good so horse riders need to watch out for those.

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