On the Path to Becoming Pro: The Three Most Common Tips

Horse riding is not an easy sport; the mere cost of a complete horse tack would cost you so much, not to mention your very own horse and all the maintenance that you’d both need, as well as the expensive horse riding lessons you will enrol yourself in. Becoming pro is very hard. But at least be consoled by the fact that you will never be alone in your endeavour.

In light of this, we have collected some timeless advice from some of the greatest trainers in the world of horse riding to help you stand out. There are hundreds and advice that they can give, but the most common of those have been summarised into three comprehensive tips.

Know Your Horse

Among all the tips and advices that we have gathered, this is perhaps the most commonly mentioned. As the saying goes, “you are only as good as the horse you are riding.”

Bearing this in mind, you have to have pretty decent experience riding your equine companion. It is imperative that you know the limits of your horse: her endurance, the length of time it takes for her to familiarize herself with the terrain as well as other external factors, her speed, etc. then see how far she can go when you try to push her to exceed her limits. Maybe your horse is not in her prime years anymore; it isn’t very wise to expect your equine partner to try too hard that it would strain her.

Another thing is to be able to effectively communicate with your horse. Trust isn’t something that is given; even in the case of equestrians and equines, trust is earned over time and through different circumstances. Aside from that, you should know how to “give” and “take,” as one expert trainer explained.

Basics, Basics

According to many experts, there is never a shortcut to success in the world of horse riding. Nowadays, they have noticed that many young aspiring equestrians don’t feel the need to practice the basics. They tend to skip the parts which they deem unnecessary, and try to get advanced. However, horse riding is like math: you will not be able to get how the next level works until you have mastered the current level you are in. As one professional trainer admitted, “it doesn’t work that way. You have to be willing to start from the bottom and work your way up,”

Somehow, this teaches us to be humble and meek – nobody can ever dare make the mistake of assuming that they don’t have any more room for improvement.

Drive and Attitude

Finally, the thing which will keep you going when things get so rough and dirty is your love for horses and how you view things when the sun seems to not shine on your yard. This is the third thing that all professional equestrians have agreed at.

One veteran equestrian admitted that the hardest thing he went through was sustaining injuries brought about by different accidents in just a small amount of time. It was one of those times when he felt like quitting. Not to mention that he had cancer – he had his thyroid removed. Nevertheless, his love for the sport prevailed, and after being out of action for quite some time, he decided to return and become better.

“If you are not having a real go then don’t bother,” explained one professional equestrian. “It’s not something you can do in halves.”

Indeed, he’s right. So let your love for horse riding become greater than your fear of failing. May we see you at the finish line.

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