Getting Geared: The Basic Equestrian Arsenal

Getting a good horse tack is something that every horse riding enthusiast needs. You might think these are only for show, racing competitions, or for newbies who are very prone to falling down their horse. But you can never be too far from the truth. These gears are a strict requirement for every horse riding individual out there for you can never tell when you’d experience a bone-crushing accident. Here are must-wear gears that comprise the complete equestrian arsenal, beginning from top to bottom.


First things first, the head is a very critical part of your body which needs to be protected from possible falls and other accidents. It might seem uncomfortable and too heavy on your neck to wear a solid helmet, but trust me, falling off your horse and not having any protection for your head would cause way more discomfort.

For beginners, it is best to wear a helmet that is strong and hard enough, since the possibility of falling is higher.

Coat and Body Armour

This one doesn’t need any further justification, since horse riding is an outdoor activity. Protection from external elements is an obvious need – be it enduring the scorching heat of the sun or the splintering chill of the winter winds. Also, you will need to protect your body from scratches and rib fractures should any untoward event may occur.


Basically, you will need to have a pair of gloves to help you in holding the reins. There are times when the reins are not in the best working condition, and can inflict wounds on your hands especially when the riding is rough and your horse is stubborn.


This is mainly for comfort while riding. It is very uncomfortable if you wear a pair of loosely-fitting jeans when riding, which may cause you to shift your sitting from one position to another, or stretch your legs unnecessarily and excessively. That could be very dangerous, for your horse might get the wrong idea and dash off way before you’re even ready for it. Not only that, but wearing tightly-fitted breeches or johdpurs will aid in having a more secure seating, and that, in turn, will also guarantee you of a better posture and a firmer grip on the saddle.


Finally, your horse tack won’t be complete without those old sturdy boots. These are definitely a must so you can rest your feet securely on the stirrups of the saddle so you won’t fall off. Not only that, but you also have to take note that this is the part of your body which is closest to the ground. Thus, your feet have the highest chance of having scratches.

There are many different styles to choose from, but we suggest that you make sure that the riding boots you will be picking will go well with the breeches that you will be wearing.

Having a top quality horse tack is something which can really cost you a lot of money – horse riding is an expensive activity, all will have to admit. But that only goes to show that if you love horses, you will really invest in your equipment. Also, this is for you. After all, life is precious, so why not spend for it?


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