Basic Horse Riding Equipment

So, you have decided to learn how to ride a horse. This is a fun hobby that can actually turn into a competitive sport. Horse riding does have some dangers attached to it. Christopher Reeve for instance became paralyzed from a horse riding injury. But with practice and a little luck, you should be able to enjoy horseback riding without any trouble. When you begin to pursue this hobby, you would need horse riding equipment of your own. Here are the basic equestrian equipments that you would need.

Head protectors

First and foremost, a strong and sturdy horseback riding cap ought to be on each rider’s head when mounted on a horse. This horseback riding equipment is obviously to protect your head. There is no excuse for why not to have this fundamental bit of equestrian equipment as they come in numerous lightweight and moderate alternatives to fit all sorts of rider. Protective caps simply bode well as you don’t know when and how accidents could happen. Ability level ought NOT be a component when choosing to wear a head protector as even the best horses can fall and cause serious injuries. You essentially can’t foresee how a terrible turn of event might happen.


From western bling show shirts to the conventional English show shirt there are choices in abundance in this class. Numerous educating shirts and even some more current show shirts are presently created out of wicking, breathable execution fabrics. Attires as an equestrian equipment does matter if you are to get serious in horse riding. You can likewise purchase more than enough riding coats and weatherproof gears.

Pants and Breeches

Generally the western rider tries for Wrangler or Carharrt Jeans and English riders have a tendency to support breeches or in the event that you are more youthful, rider. There are various types of pants and breeches to choose from. The important thing is comfort for the rider. Great western pants are agreeable, have creases that won’t rub when riding, and are intended to last. Breeches fit nicely on your physique. They have a tendency to be created out of cotton or different materials joined together with some spandex to help them fit. English breeches keep you from sliding around on a smooth cowhide saddle. Traditionally they are worn at the regular waist and are fitted at the bottom (so field or tall boots can fit over them). Boot cut and low climb breeches are also sold widely and in addition to that, even English fitted riding pants!


From Fringe bound full calfskin chaps to the English educating half chaps there are numerous sorts of Chaps and Chinks to fill your equestrian equipment. Full chaps are worn from the waist the distance down to the lower legs, while chinks just head off going to the knee. Half chaps are an English form regularly utilized for educating or lessons. They join under your shoe and zip or eat up and close at the knee. Chaps are a great addition to your horse riding equipment. They can give you more grasp in the seat and also keeping your legs dry from the sweat of your stallion or the outside components.

There is many other horse riding equipment that serious horse riders need to secure. But it is best to begin with the basics. These equestrian equipment are all sold online at a very reasonable price.

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    Hi, I used . Used drill pipe that cost me 78cents a foot , the pipe was 2 5/8 . I drilled a hole every 8 in the gurnod and installed a 71/2 inch post, (Buried a foot and a half) with concrete ,and saddled the top for my top rail.I know pipe prices are different in different states but this might give you and idea.


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