Horse Riding Equipment That Every Rider Should Own

Horseback riding is a hobby that brings a lot of benefits. You may think that it is only the horse that gets all the exercise while the rider simply sits on the saddle. That is not actually the case. Horseback riding helps individuals to keep their body balance and control. It is also physically exhausting to ride a horse. Once you get serious with horseback riding, you would need to know the basic horse riding equipments that you would need. You can rent these horseback riding equipments to start but it is important that you eventually purchase them if you will be riding horses in the long run. Here is the basic horse riding equipment that every rider must own.


This is the equipment that is placed on the horse’s back and where the rider sits. Saddles should fit the horse perfectly. This horse riding equipment should be placed well on the horses back before mounting. The ability of the horse to stride largely depends on its comfort level with the saddle. So get the measurements right when purchasing a saddle for your horse.


Stirrups are supports for the feet of the rider. This is the equestrian equipment that allows the rider to rest his feet while riding the horse. Stirrups provide great stability to the rider so that the feet do not swing wildly when riding a horse. The risk that comes from saddles is that the feet may get stuck in it and in the case of accidents; make it difficult for the rider to dismount from the horse.


This is the collar that is placed on the head of the horse. This is tied with a rope. As its name suggests, this particular horse riding equipment is used to halt or stop the horse. By pulling the rope that is tied to the halters, this tugs the head of the horse up and forces it to stop running. As with saddles, halts should also fit properly with the horse. If it is too tight, the horse’s mood changes and it would not be able to properly run.


This type of horse riding equipment refers to the rope or leather strap that is attached to the halter. It is typically long and is in the hands of the rider at all times. Rein is used to control the horse. If a rider wants the horse to run, he may hit the horse with it. To stop the horse from running, the rider pulls the rein. This piece of equestrian equipment is important in order to properly guide the horse in the way or the direction it is supposed to go.


This kind of horse riding equipment is usually placed across the chest of the horse and attached to the saddles. Breastplates are normally used for horse racing events. Basically, breastplates add stability to the saddles and are very helpful if the horse is to run fast. With breastplates, the risk of having the saddle fall off is minimized.

So these are the basic horse riding equipment that every serious rider should possess. There are a lot of stores online that sell these items at a very reasonable price. The benefit of being able to search for equestrian equipment online is that you get to compare the prices so you get your money’s worth.

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