Famous Racecourses in the World

For any horse riding enthusiast out there, witnessing a world-famous horse race is something that cannot be missed. The surge of adrenaline when the horses have begun to gallop, the anticipation as to which will take the lead and maintain it; the perfect ecstasy when your bet has won – there are just too many visual stimuli to flood your naked eye in any derby.

The only question is to where you should go to witness such bravado among reputable equines and their respective equestrians. You don’t have to buy expensive plane tickets to the US and the UK for a horse race when you’re currently situated somewhere else; there is probably one in your continent – whether you’re in the Australian outback or in the metros of Tokyo.


There are literally hundreds of horseracing events in the United States alone, and there are dozens of mainstream racecourses available such as the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, which hosts the most popular horserace in the entire US – the Kentucky Derby. Other popular racecourses are Del Mar Racetrack in California, Saratoga Racecourse in New York, Pimlico Racecourse in Maryland, among so many others.

By the way, there are also racecourses in South America worthy of your attention: the Hipódromo de San Isidro in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Hipódromo da Gávea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These racecourses boast of holding 80, 000 to 100, 000 spectators.


At the forefront, we have the UK racecourses, even in Northern Ireland, that have been upholding the horseracing tradition for hundreds of years already. Famous racecourses like the Ascot, Cheltenham and Aintree Racecourses, the Epsom Downs, which can host up to 120,000 spectators.

There is also another noteworthy racecourse found in France, which is the Vincennes Racecourse in Paris, which has a maximum spectator capacity of 60,000. If your partner loves horses, this might be the perfect place for you. Hitting two birds with one stone, eh?


You might not be able to believe it, but the largest racecourse in the world is actually found in a not-so-big country in Asia – Japan. It is where the Tokyo Racecourse is situated. The racecourse offers a staggering 223, 000 spectatorship capacity, and has allotted 13, 750 seats. It is where the Japanese Derby, the Yasuda Kinen, and the Japan Cup are held. And guess what, the second largest racecourse is also found in Japan, which is the Nakayama Racecourse. The Churchill Downs, probably the largest and most popular racecourse in the US, falls only third when it comes to viewership capacity.

The Middle East won’t allow to be left behind when it comes to horse racing: it flaunts the prestigious Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The racecourse has a lot of luxurious viewing locations, one of which is the Meydan Grandstand Suites.


Of course, Australia won’t be left behind when it comes to horseracing. With the fifth largest spectatorship capacity found in Melbourne – the Flemington Racecourse – why would Aussies need to travel to the US, UK, or Japan just to witness intense equine prowess when they have the Melbourne Cup? The Flemington Racecourse has a viewership capacity of 130, 000, and has been hosting the Melbourne Cup, dubbed as “the race that stops a nation” since 1861.

There are also a lot of smaller-scale, country horse racing events held all over the country.

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