Horse Tack: Stirrups

Another type of horse riding equipment that is commonly used by most riders out there is the stirrups. It is also another kind of horse tack that was used during the course of horseback riding activities.

What are stirrups?

A stirrup is one of the common equestrian equipment that a horseback rider should have. It is a ring that keeps the foot of the horseback rider and is commonly connected to the saddle with the use of a strap that is called as the stirrup leather. This usually comes in pair are being used to support the rider from riding a horse. It is also used to make the saddle kept in place and for the rider to have a control to the horse while riding on it.

What is the stirrups leather?

Just like what I mentioned earlier, there is also a need for a stirrup leather as it will be the one to connect the stirrups from the body of the saddle, and makes the motion or movement of the foot of the rider to be in fully control. This stirrup leather can be also connected to a stirrup bar which is a small type of steel bar that is attached to the saddle tree, but this is actually depends on the style of the saddle being used. Riders can be different in many ways, and most differs when it comes to heights that is why stirrups needs to be adjusted just enough to fit and be used in different course activities. The stirrups leather is being used with this to allow the length of it to be adjusted with the use of buckles and holes.

The Uses of Stirrups

Actually, stirrups can be used in two different ways, the shorter type of it are used to have flexibility for the user while the longer one is used to have a great amount of control to the horse. Due to that, the uses of stirrups may depend on the size that you are going to use. You can check out the difference of the uses for both lengths below:

  1. Long stirrups – this long stirrup is commonly used by riders who has a long legs as they can make their knees comfortable and is just slightly bent. This is ideal for them to be steadily seated in the saddle. It can give the rider a maximum control of the horse and can easily be communicate with the animal. Comfort while riding is one of the needed principles in this activity as it will be a great help to have the horseback riding successful enough.
  2. Short stirrups – on the other hand, the short stirrups are different from the longer one as it used by the rider who preferred to keep their knees bent in the right angle. While using this, the rider can possibly have the chance to stand up a little while riding and positioned him carefully in the seat of the saddle. This could make him more flexible while controlling the horse that he is riding on. Commonly, this is used in some racing activities but it is not safe if you are not used in using it as there is a big chance of you falling from it as you won’t have enough control or feel with your horse.

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