Every Bit as Happy

Every Bit as Happy: Picking the Right Bit for Your Horse

There may be times when your horse seems very disturbed, and is displaying different signs that suggest discomfort, such as tossing his head back and forth, lolling his tongue, or that he keeps on stiffening his poll and jaw. If you keep experiencing this, then the reason for that may be her horse bit is not appropriate for her.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are the things you should consider when picking the right bit for your horse.

Shape and Size

This doesn’t just entail the type of horse bit that you will be getting. Sure, there are dozens of horse bit types out there, and you’ll get nauseous by just looking at them. But aside from the contours and the designs of the horse bits, you also need to consider the shape and size of your horse’s mouth. There are also different breeds of horses, from Thoroughbreds to Shetland Ponies. So before you rush to the nearest horse tack shop, take a good long look at your horse’s mouth first.

Prior Training

If your horse has been acquired just recently, now would be a very splendid time to contact the previous owner, and ask for the type of horse bit that he has used for her. That is because your horse has been used to that kind of horse bit. For example, if your horse got used to having a snaffle bit from the day she began her training, then it would really be unwise to resort to long-shanked curbed bit.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot teach your horse to get used to a different horse bit. It is possible, as long as she undergoes proper training, as well as you yourself.

Riding Discipline

Just as there are dozens of horse bit designs in the market, there are also dozens of horse riding purposes out there. Why are you riding that horse at all? Will you be riding Western, or English? Is it going to be for Polo? For country racing? Handicap racing? Each of these has varying requirements, and it is critical that you find that out, lest your horse suffer and you forfeit yourself from winning at a derby.

Your Riding Level

Your horse riding skill level is a very important factor in choosing the most appropriate horse bit for your equine friend because pulling too powerfully will hurt your horse, as well as urging your horse to move left or right when you cannot even balance yourself properly atop the horse’s back will seem like punching your horse in the face. That is why you need to become good with your basics first. If not, then the best suggestion is to go back to where you did your horse riding lessons and make sure that you have mastered every single lesson, especially stopping. If not, you might inflict serious harm on your equine friend’s mouth. That would not be very nice, would it?

It is best that when choosing the horse bit for your equine friend, you would get the mildest one, for as long as you can communicate with your horse properly. If you would like to take it even further, you can try different horse bits as you want until your horse becomes every bit as happy as can be. Sure, that would be expensive, but if you love your horse that much, then why not?

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